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tv   [untitled]    August 18, 2014 10:30pm-11:01pm PDT

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consulate you say a unanimous vote from the board to put it on the ballet and once it was explained to them some of them pulled their endorsements and the voters defeated it >> so the fact you've listed a group of people speaks to the fact that 2003 was not a good year to pay attention. >> i guess my concern with our response is that while i agree it's true that it probably is fruit also to try to readapt proposition j as written i believe we should look at what was in prop j and not in e and see if any makes sense to us. >> i guess question for the staff what's the downside of doing that or is that already
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addressed from findings one through 28? >> i think the major outstanding issue i guess is that in its form that it is in the los angeles superior court said it was unconstitutionally board no one took the challenge further so that's the one legal precedent we have to go on. >> we're not talking abouty adapting it but looking at if there's anything that is useful for san francisco that would be draft to be not unconstitutional and is that - or have we tried that. >> not that i'm aware of. >> is there any reason not to
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do it heights not rhetorical. >> there's no reason not to look at prop j it does speak to something that prop a e was passed and prop j passed it is a bit odd going back 10 years to revisit the issue i certainly wouldn't want- i think it would be advisable to look at that but in terms of what is effective to our campaign lobbying laws not to limit ourselves quite frankly campaign laws have changed and supreme court rulings have changed. i certainly know t think it is great to inform our decision making but not limited to prop j itself that's my $0.02 and
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commissioner keane >> we wouldn't have to limit ourselves i propose for some future meeting we put on the agenda our analysis of prop j and prop e and what was lost from j that was 92 not recess recollected from prop e and whether or not we want to go forward and perhaps use our own power of this commission putting something on the ballot relating to those measures in prop j that were resolute or lost because of the supreme court decision in los angeles and wanting to go forward with those. >> and if perhaps the only
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amendment if the staff knows this should be part of a larger decision. >> sure feel free the sky is the limit and. is there a second to that motion this is >> second. >> any is there any additional public comment all in favor. >> i. >> i. >> opposed. hearing none i think it's it is there anything else we need to do >> i want to say a quick comment again, i want to commend the civil grand jury on the work and it gives us a lot to think and talk about. and at the same time i want to be mindful we've created work for our staff as well. and i think this is will important to create i'm adding
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for work kind of a dashboard of what we needing mediate in terms of recommendations today, we're talking about larger projects it's been peppered with human resources and i want to have a clear exception and revisit is and prioritize the work. again, it's easy to say we should take those on but if you don't prioritize them and look at them reasonably it wouldn't get done >> commissioner keane. >> i want to put in the form of a motion we want to thank the grand jury and commend them for the great and hard working folks they've helped us and educated us and moved us i know quite
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positively in our work and we owe them a great dei'd put thatn the form of a motion. >> public comment. >> all in favor that passes. >> i want to thank you and the staff we've done look good things as a commission ii do think that some of our disclosure and our website are some of the best around and some of our investigative work is good we can do better and i thank the civil grand jury for helping us to figure out that out i know we have a great staff that is going to do a good job. unless there's anything further
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we're adjourned >> oh, motion to adjourn. >> public comment? adjourned֖֖@p
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>> she is here, right? >> but she is coming. >> >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, let me please call this meeting of the san francisco public utilities commission to order


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